A SUPERNATURAL athlete is the pioneer of all sports. The Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Organization (SNBF) was created for Supernatural Athletes. The most important requirement is to be Drug-Free. Every competitor is required to take and pass a 7 year polygraph test and a 7 year urine test. Supernatural athletes are a special breed. A Supernatural Athlete is a very determined and strong individual who finds power from within to over come all hurdles. Anyone who has been drug-free all their life and those individuals who have been drug free for more than 7 years ago and are now living a drug-free lifestyle are �Supernatural Athletes."

Bruce Johnson
S.N.B.F. Inc.

(Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Organization)
The Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Organization (S.N.B.F)) was founded in 1996 and is a 100% Drug Free� Organization. It was primarily organized to help individuals and/or businesses to focus on healthy lifestyle programs, physical fitness activities, personal empowerment sessions, and spiritual coaching provided through Workshops, Seminars and Competitions. As Drug Free Athletes, we believe the �Natural� athlete should have a fair place to compete and we have been Blessed to be able to provide this avenue for these athletes. There will be no favoritism shown to any athlete at any SNBF Sanction Event. All judges have a background in the fitness industry ranging from natural bodybuilders, doctors (chiropractic and medical), fitness competitors, aerobic instructors, personal trainers, and a variety of ex-professional athletes and many more. The judges are selected several months prior to each show, but are not revealed until the day of the event. The SNBF was designed for Supernatural Athletes, so the best athlete on that day will be rewarded in each class.

All Pro Competitors with a valid and current Pro Card from a Drug Free Organization are eligible to compete in the SNBF PRO Division of the SNBF PRO/Amateur SHOWS after they passes a 7 year polygraph test and a 7 year urine test in June and/or November of each year. All Open and Novice competitors are also welcome to compete in this event's Amateur Division after passing the same drug test. The winners in the Open Men, Masters Men, Male Physique, Open Women Bodybuilding, Open Bikini and Open Figure Classes will compete for the Overall Placing and will be awarded a SNBF Pro Card. Prizes will be awarded at each SNBF Pro Event and Cash will be awarded to the top 3 or 5 places in the PRO Division of the SNBF PRO / Amateur Events provided that the minimum number of competitors participate in each class. All athletes are required to take and pass a 7 year polygraph test and a 7 year urine test, purchase the SNBF Organization Card (valid through December of each year) and pay the contest entry fee for each competition. The SNBF Card is not required for the November event  for Amateur competitors.
S.N.B.F. Management